Maintenance Management Services (MMS)

Maintenance Management Service
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After you, your truck is the most important asset of your business. If you perform routine maintenance on your truck, you can prevent major break-downs and stay on the road. Industry estimates say Preventative Maintenance (PM) can cut your breakdown costs in half.

Our Maintenance Management Services (MMS) includes a custom program designed for you and your truck that will help you better maintain your truck. With maintenance management services you will reduce shop time, keep maintenance costs low, and keep running for profitability.

MMS Includes:

  • Maintenance Budget
  • Customized PM Form
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Unlimited Maintenance Consulting

Prices start at $45 per month with discounts available if you meet eligibility requirements.

"I have used the ATBS MMS program for several years and speak to ATBS consultant Bill McClusky often about maintenance practices, component life cycles and new products. Bill’s knowledge of proper maintenance and his philosophy of being pro-active teamed with ATBS’s wealth of maintenance history data has saved me thousands of dollars in downtime for unscheduled repairs and has greatly decreased the potential for emergency on-the-road repairs. "

-- Bill T. Landstar independent contractor.

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