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Private Security 

Trusted tax and accounting experts for Private Security Contractors

Tax Program for Private Security Contractors
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Since 2011, ATBS has served private security contractors working on Department of Defense (DOD) projects. Whether you are being deployed nationally or to a remote location, ATBS can help. Our portfolio of business services frees the Private Security Contractor’s time to focus their on their tasks. ATBS will handle the bookkeeping, taxes, financial report cards, and personal goals are tracked and managed by business experts at ATBS.

Private security contractors simply send ATBS their receipts and revenue statements. ATBS does the bookkeeping and accounting, creates monthly and year-end Profit & Loss Statements, and provides the client secure online access to their records and receipts. Clients also rely on the ATBS tax team to prepare their federal and state tax return and quarterly tax estimates to ensure IRS compliance.

ATBS services are “bundled” for sole proprietors and incorporated clients with one low monthly fee for tax and accounting work. Qualified ATBS Business Consultants coach the security contractor with expert advice; other services include payroll, tax resolution, and incorporation services.

Private security contractors using ATBS earn more net income than their peers. With a 98% satisfaction rating, ATBS will change your life, giving you more profit and more time to do what you love.

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