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Products and Services for Independent Contractors and Owner-Operators

Standard Business Service

Tax and Accounting Services

ATBS offers a tax and accounting package to help you keep your money where it belongs - in your pocket. Click here for more information on ATBS Standard Business Services.

Tax and tax Resolution

Tax Preparation Services

If you are looking for a simple way to get your taxes prepared, choose ATBS as your business partner. Our tax preparation just takes 3 easy steps. 

Tax Resolution Services

If you have unresolved debt with the IRS, ATBS can guide you through the tax resolution process. 

Premium Business Service

Incorporated Services

If you file taxes as a legal entity such as an LLC, ATBS offers a tax and accounting package for your needs. Click here for more information on ATBS Premium Business Services.



Your success is our business. ATBS offers expert educational content covering the latest tax and business information and tips to help your business thrive. From online courses to monthly newsletters and webinars, subscribe to ATBS newsletters and receive exclusive invitations from ATBS.

Team Run Smart

Team Run Smart

Team Run Smart is a free online community for owner-operators who work in transportation; if you would like to join Team Run Smart, click here.

Partner Company Solutions

ATBS offers small, medium and large corporations who employ 10 or more independent contractors a strategic partnership to improve retention, increase profitability and maintain legal compliance. From carriers to financial firms and from defense contractors to insurance companies, ATBS has the scale and technology to manage contractor business services for your organization. Click to learn more about ATBS partner company solutions.

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